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Kovers  for  KR  by KR

Paul Goodman never would have suspected his best friend of espionage. But when the FBI crashes into Markus Taylor's home one stormy Friday afternoon - their intent to arrest him - Paul is also taken in. A witness unaware of anything that's going on.

Finally freed, Paul must find out what his closest chum has been doing. And what he's been keeping hidden from him for so long.

Marianne D'Nots has a lot to prove to her parents. They don't believe she can make it alone in the world. Not with her tendency to give away every penny of which she comes into possession.

Stephen 'Gates' is "down on his luck". He's lost his job and his home along with most of his possessions to debt and drinking.

Their meeting appears to be "by chance", but Marianne knows better.

We often have to face times of difficulty and complications in our lives. Bad things happen to everybody every single day.

No one person is the focus of bad things. Negativity is a part of what everyone goes through. No one is exempt.

A story of personal experience in the face of controversy.

Over the years, FMC has been fighting the pain of betrayal she often experiences.  She grew up being promised different things over time. Most of those promises were fulfilled. But several key vows ended up being put aside.


Waiting for them to be [fulfilled] requires her to keep believing in spite of the [broken] ones.