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Amazing, Like Grace


Grace Watkins has been on her own for a long time. She was only fourteen years old when her parents died in a tragic car accident that resulted in their vehicle going over a [cliff]. She now lives with her aunt, a successful lawyer who sadly devotes more of her time to her work then her niece. 


This leaves Grace on her own far too often, resulting in numerous shenanigans and rebellious acts of aggression. Her aunt is at a loss about what to do, enrolling her in a military school hoping it will help Grace adjust to obedience more quickly. However, Grace is headstrong and unwilling to give in.


This results in Grace running away hoping to make it on her own. She doesn't realize just what it means to be "on your own". And though she manages to find a job to help pay for the dingy room she's able to rent at an old lady's home in exchange for chores and some leftovers she's able to bring home, Grace isn't content with her situation.


The lady passes away after housing the young Grace for only six months. Grace receives an unexpected inheritance - one which brings her to tears - but after hearing about his grandmother's passing, the grandson drives three hours to contest the will.


What happens next is unexpected, to say the least.