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Throughout history, we see men and women who suffered greatly. Some physically, others emotionally, others mentally and still more in the spiritual sense.

But there's one "weapon" most of those individuals possess(ed) that [helped] them through times of immense difficulty. God is all around us. He acts in our lives even when we don't actually deserve His grace and mercy.

The way each of us can contact Him is prayer. We can speak to Him through cries for help, pleadings, times of worship, and more. He speaks to us through His Word, first of all.


The Bible - God's holy Word - is a sword not to be reckoned with. As long as we use it wisely and with care, He can do His work in and through us freely.

Oftentimes, though, life gets in the way. The devil is persistent and vicious. He never lets up. He targets those of us who believe in the power of the Most-High, but he also marks non-believers, hoping to keep them from putting their fatih in the Lord.

He is successful at times, but he also isn't the winner of those spiritual battles at others. The Lord fights for us, using His endless strength to empower us at those times. He's given us a weapon of immeasurable value: His Holy Word. It's our offensive tool.

Our defensive "weapon" is one that takes us to our knees. It humbles us. It brings us to Him asking for His eternal power in our lives.

There are times He will say "no". He knows what's best for us. He knows how our own lives will impact others'.